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2020 Expanded Playoffs Change Everything
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MLB Expanded Playoffs: At What Point Does Doing For The Fans Backfire

MLB’s expanded playoffs are an answer to a COVID impacted season. It’s likely on for 2021 as a catalyst of fan interest. Not so fast,…

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2020 MLB Operations Manual
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MLB Players: When Responsible Behavior Takes Precedence Over Winning

In 2020, MLB players carry the weight of a season played under duress. Their competitive nature will propel them to win, but “winning” has new…

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MLB 2020: A Season Like No Other (nysportsmedia)
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MLB 2020 Rule Changes: The Spitter Is Back And Please – No Brawls

Get ready for a host of MLB 2020 rule changes. You’ve heard about most of them, but there are a few that might raise some…

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