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MLB Pensions
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MLB Pensions: A Story About Players Who Have Been Left Behind

MLB pensions are the gold standard for athletes. But the Lords of Baseball don’t treat everyone equally. This story tells of those left behind. Today’s…

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MLB Rule Changes
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MLB Has No Business Playing With The Shift Or Length Of Games

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred can’t stop himself from making rule changes. Some are neutral, but others affect game outcomes, like these two… MLB Commissioner Rob…

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MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred at the All-Star game
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Is MLB Backing Up Or Could They Really Be Listening

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred used his ASG platform to announce a backward slide on recent changes. Late to the party as always is MLB… Should…

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MLB and Draftkings - Partnership Sealed
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MLB Seals The Deal With Live Gambling App And They’ll Call It Bet And Watch

While MLB waited a year to react to the “sticky stuff” issue, when they see dollar signs, it’s taken only a nanosecond to open live…

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MLB Stats - Let your eyes do the work (New Yorker)
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MLB Stats: How To Get The Biggest Bang For Your Time

Major League Baseball (MLB) is a game of numbers, and we are inundated with new “stats” every day. But not all stats are created equal……

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Carlos Correa Jose Altuve Skipping All-Star Game
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MLB: Sorry, But If You Make The All-Star Team, You Better Well Be There

The annual MLB All-Star Game is billed as baseball’s showcase, with its best talent on display. Stars bow out freely, though, and it must stop….

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Aye Aye MLB, Anything You Say On Rule Changes - No!
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MLB Commentary: The Tinkering With The Game Has To Stop

As with MLB, too much of anything is not healthy, nor is it productive. Good ideas get overwhelmed by bad ones, and it has to…

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Trevor Bauer: Going After MLB (FoxSports)
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Trevor Bauer: You Gotta Give The Guy Credit – He Communicates

Trevor Bauer is destined to be one of those players we love to hate. He’s a loudmouth, but he makes sense, and above all else,…

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