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MLB short season skews results
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MLB and the perils of a skewed 50-game regular season schedule

MLB will soon exercise its power to impose a regular-season schedule for 2019, widely rumored to be 50-games. A look back at 2019 says foul…

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MLB owners: I'll take mine first (LA Times)
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MLB Players cry uncle paving way for baseball despite the bastards

MLB owners, sometime soon, will launch the Nuclear Option to establish a schedule for the 2020 season. As expected, players are rendered helpless.  The deck…

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Will MLB impose the Nuclear Option on the 2020 season?
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MLB owners and players: If only I had a hammer…

MLB owners and players – if only I had a hammer to knock some sense in your heads – I would tell you how disingenuous…

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Rob Manfred and Tony Clark Hammer It Out (CBS Sports)
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MLB owners: Their intent is quite clear, but not necessarily their motive

MLB owners are not seeking to hide their intentions in the ongoing half-hearted negotiations with the MLBPA. But their motive remains a mystery – why?…

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Aaron Judge - New York Yankees Dugout
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Owners dis everyone again: Meet the new offer, same as the old offer

Owners of the 30 MLB teams sent the MLBPA another letter yesterday. It contains a “new” offer the players surely will reject. Another day of…

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Rob Manfred MLB owners mouthpiece (AP)
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MLB owners set to lower the boom on players, one-sided setting a schedule

MLB owners have always held an ace in the hole that can render negotiations with the players moot. In the next day or two, we’ll…

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MLB Baseball 2020? (
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MLB Owners and Players don’t seem to care and very soon neither will we

MLB owners and players are a sad and self-destructive lot. “It’s all about the fans” – bullcrap. Living without baseball is not as hard as…

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Empty Fenway on Memorial Day (Getty)
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MLB owners set to lose $1 billion in 2020, but that’s only half the story

While MLB owners falsely plead poverty, it’s true that with an 82-game season and revenue sharing, they’ll see a $1 billion loss, but that’s only…

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