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Aaron Boone, Manager, NY Yankees
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Yankees: Getting Ready For Roster Expansion On Sunday

The Yankees are smack in the middle of trying to gain home-field advantage throughout the postseason. Come Sunday, Aaron Boone will have more headaches to…

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Aaron Boone - Media Manager (Photo: USA Today Post)
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Aaron Boone: Media Manager Or Baseball Manager

Aaron Boone was hired to Manage the Yankees, not the media. In a time of adversity, soon, we’ll know if Boone is a Baseball Manager……

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Aaron Boone, Cheerleader In Residence (Photo Credit: Sporting News)
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Aaron Boone: The Era Of Good Feelings Has Drawn It’s Last Breath

 Aaron Boone swept through his first season of managing the Yankees without even a scrape on his image. Upon further review though… The accolades came…

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Aaron Boone, Manager, NY Yankees
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Yankees: Aaron Boone Begins The Only Test That Matters

Aaron Boone, the Yankees rookie manager has ridden the red carpet with a stacked team which did what they were supposed to do. The real…

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