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MLB Editorial: The Pandemic In Baseball No One Wants To Talk About

MLB continues to ignore a non-COVID pandemic that has invaded its sport for more than a decade – the use of PEDS among Hispanic players……

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MLB: Money for everyone. (
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MLB, With Tensions High, Has Already Fired Its First Salvo At The Players

Even with the season still ongoing, MLB has fired the first salvo, and it’s not over the players’ bow, adding to the chance of a…

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MLB - Elected by no one (Photo:
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MLB Editorial: Domestic violence “investigations” belong elsewhere – not MLB

MLB has a power no other entity, including the President, enjoys. They “investigate” and police themselves – and they get away with it… By whose…

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MLB 2021 - A Season Of Stars
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MLB: On Debunking The Claim These Early Games “Don’t Matter” Much

In MLB, we hear it all the time. “It’s only April; it takes time; we’ll straighten this thing out.” Oh yeah? Let’s talk again in…

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Gary Sanchez "talking" with Masahiro Tanaka
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MLB: On Why SSL And ESL Should Have Equal Footing For All Players

MLB Editorial: Bi-Lingualism is a rarity in baseball when it should be the norm. MLB needs to step up its efforts in the Minor Leagues……

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Josh Gibson, Official Hall of Fame portrait
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Combining MLB And Negro League Stats – An Idea Whose Time Is Now

Combining MLB and Negro League stats is long overdue in baseball. But when you see its impact, you’ll see why it gets pushed under the…

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MLB: Their All-Time Stupidest Idea – Move The Mound Back 12 Inches

MLB is testing a rule in the Atlantic League that moves the pitching rubber back 12 inches. Enabling stubborn hitters and GMs is not the…

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Rob Manfred feeling the Stress (Dallas Morning News)
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It’s Looking Like MLB (I.E. Rob Manfred) Jumped The Gun On This One

MLB’s decision to move this year’s All-Star Game and Draft from Atlanta was a rash and knee-jerk move by Rob Manfred. Protest is mounting. Major…

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