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Reflections On Baseball Will Be Back After This Brief Timeout

Reflections On Baseball, if you’ve noticed, has been on hiatus. Its journey has been interrupted by some health issues that cascaded into a stay in the hospital this week. Resolution is near, and I hope to be back writing soon, and here’s why.

Reflections is a one-man show. It’s a not-for-profit endeavor I took on as a hobby five or six years ago as a vehicle to express my passion for baseball. Active as a fan for more than a half-century, it seemed a natural extension to write about the sport I love.

Before Reflections, there was Sounds Of Baseball, a collection of sound bites from the game that grew to four pages with no end in sight. Rising to the top of Google, the site became wildly popular with fans young and old in search of old radio calls, baseball songs, video, and original photo essays of Ballparks Across America.

Today, Sounds Of Baseball rests under the care and tutelage of Ronnie Redmond, who is given credit for taking the site into the 21st Century with a user-friendly platform.

While breaking away from Sounds was difficult, it gave me an opportunity to devote time exclusively to writing. Signing on with Fansided, I became a contributor for Call To The Pen, and later a Site Expert for Yanks Go Yard. This was followed by an equally unfulfilling stint with Elite Sports NY.

Until finally, I said to myself I’m too old to have these many bosses and the time has come to go it alone with a user-friendly version of Reflections On Baseball. Baseball is deluged with blogs and bloggers. But the one thing I’ve found is it takes the same amount of time to write a clunker as it does to write a piece that is widely and well-received.

Writing for two hours before work, firming the story up in my mind during work, and then putting in a minimum of two more hours after work to finish a story (often with a drink in hand), was not the answer to good health and a happy marriage.

Reflections On Baseball had taken over my life, and I didn’t know it. I will never let this site die, but just as assuredly I am taking back a good portion of the time previously devoted to daily writing.

Readers will notice a series of changes, some subtle, others are a bit more dramatic. Henceforth, Reflections On Baseball will revert to its original theme with stories covering all of baseball, and not exclusively the  New York Yankees and their cross-river rivals, the New York Mets.

Stories will be far-ranging and penetrate into areas not usually explored. Accordingly, readers will be more apt to find titles like Opening The Door On Mental Illness In MLB (published February 2018), than Greg Bird Has Reason To Be Looking Over His Shoulder (June 2018).

In the meantime, I encourage you to utilize the search box on the right side of the main page to find archived stories such as the two mentioned above. “Mental,” for example, immediately brought up the story on mental illness. Here’s a snapshot of what it looks like

Reflections On Baseball Site Search Tool
Reflections On Baseball Site Search Tool

Until we meet again, enjoy the baseball!

Steve Contursi





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