On The Roof At Fenway

Reflections On Baseball: The Mystery Writer Unveils Himself

Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man (without) wealth and fame…and I write articles for my website, Reflections On Baseball. 

Bobby Willard, Member New York Express
Bobby Willard, Member Facebook New York Express Group

Apparently, a number of readers don’t know I post original material too, as comments such as Bobby’s appear quite often. Seventy-one years young and a follower of baseball for more than a half-century, baseball is my passion. Reflections On Baseball is relatively new, and before this, I kicked around writing for Fansided and EliteSportsNY, finally deciding to go my own way with no editors breathing down my neck.

You’ve probably noticed that everything I write is geared to analysis and opinion. I assume that scores, stats, trades, etc. are readily available elsewhere, and that readers want to know why something happened. This puts me at the edge of the diving board most of the time, but that’s the fun part of it, especially when readers bounce back with counter-arguments.

At The Wall where Mazeroski's home run sailed over (Remnants of Forbes Field)
At The Wall where Mazeroski’s home run sailed over (Remnants of Forbes Field)

Prior to Reflections On Baseball, I spent five or six years developing a website containing nearly 500 “sounds” of baseball. This was an assembly of old radio calls highlighting great moments in the game. The site rose to number one on Google, but eventually, my limited tech skills caught up with me. So, I passed the site along to Ronnie Redmond, who lives in California. She completely re-did the site, and it still lives on today as The Sights And Sounds Of Baseball.

I can’t hide the fact I am a fan of the Yankees and a wannabe fan of the Mets, if only they can get their act together. Having grown up only 70 miles from Yankee Stadium, yearly pilgrimages to see the Yankees play were a rite of passage over the years, and they continue today whenever my wallet can afford it.

At Fenway with the Greatest Hitter Who Ever Lived
At Fenway with the Greatest Hitter Who Ever Lived
Home of the A's, Oakland California
Home of the A’s, Oakland California

I remain active in the workforce teaching inmates at a New York State prison, helping them to earn a high school equivalency diploma. Catskill, New York is now home where I live happily with my wife, Pauline, and within easy reach of five grandchildren.

Reflections On Baseball is an open forum and I would love to publish articles from readers sent as text in an email. I’ll put some polish on it if need be.

Finally, a big thank you to all who take the time to read and reflect on my writings in Reflections.

Be well,




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