A Message To Mets Fans – Hold on, We’ll be there.

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A Message To Mets Fans.

You might not believe it, but Reflections on Baseball is a site devoted to both the Mets and Yankees.

As soon as the 2017 playoffs are over, you will see an evening out of the stories devoted to the Mets.

But for now, I would hope that even the most die-hard fan of the Metropolitans would agree that the team in the Bronx is deservedly capturing the attention of the back pages of all New York newspapers.

Thus, the same thing is true here.

Lurking in the background, however, is an offseason for the Mets that promises to be captivating, and hopefully energetic, in which the organization comes to terms with past mistakes and moves on in a direction, catapulting the club to a Division Title in 2018.

New York Mets fans should be frustrated and disillusioned by the recent efforts of the Wilpon brothers to enter the 21st baseball century. And the imagination of General Manager, Sandy Alderson, in making trades to better the team needs to expand.

First and foremost, of course, is the appointment of a new manager to replace Terry Collins. The interview process will begin in earnest soon, and we’ll want to keep an eye on that as it progresses.

If you missed these stories about the Metzies, though, here’s a chance to catch up.

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The Mets show their true colors I believe a good portion of the team’s “problems” exists within the clubhouse. This column details the reason why.

Stay tuned. We’ll be right back.

Steve Contursi, Editor


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