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Brett Gardner: Time to move on. (CBS Sports)
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Brett Gardner Doesn’t Have It Anymore, But He’ll Always Be A Yankee

The Yankees knew Brett Gardner would sooner or later run out of gas, and this year he has. Release him, yes, but find another place…

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Brett Gardner: The Engine That Drives The Yankees
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Brett Gardner Soaking It All In For What Could Be A Last Hurrah

Brett Gardner is the last man standing from what is now a relic of the past – a Yankees World Title. With time as the…

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Brett Gardner - A Player's Player
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Yankees Pull Out All The Stops In Bizarre Brett Gardner Contract

The Yankees and Brett Gardner have reached a deal for 2021. A peek into the contract, however, reveals some bizarre details… The Yankees have always…

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Brett Gardner takes out Max Muncy (Photo: Kevin Kuo AP)
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Brett Gardner: ‘Ole Reliable’ Will Again Be Yanks Most Valuable Outfielder

Brett Gardner is a New York Yankee by default. Signed as an insurance policy to protect an outfield decimated by injuries, he’ll prove to be…

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Brett Gardner: The Yankees Engine (New York Times)
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Brett Gardner: MLB Hiatus Likely To Spell The End For Yankees Icon

Brett Gardner should be playing his thirteenth season with the Yankees this year. Soon to be 37, it’s only guessing if we’ll see him in…

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Brett Gardner - A Player's Player
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Captain Brett Gardner: What Are The Yankees Waiting For…

Brett Gardner is the unofficial captain of the Yankees – hands down. Time is running out to make it real. Hal Steinbrenner – it’s your…

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All-out Brett Gardner A Yankee Warrior (Photo: Pinstripe Alley)
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You Brett Gardner Is In The Yankees’ Plans For 2020

Brett Gardner is in his twelfth season as a New York Yankee. You can bet it won’t be his last. At 35, he’s still the…

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Brett Gardner - Distractions, no thank you (
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Yankees Brett Gardner: Man, can we like just get this thing going?

Yankees left fielder Brett Gardner was never your proto-typical ballplayer or Yankee. A bundle of energy etched in a sculpted body, he says, win it….

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